The Buzz Behind Lemon8: Is ByteDance’s New App a Marketing Masterstroke or Mere Hype?

As purveyors of alternative platforms, we know all too well that we live in a world where TikTok dominates the social media landscape. But its parent company ByteDance is stirring things up with its latest brainchild, Lemon8. While this new app has exploded in popularity across the U.S. and U.K., some skeptics are questioning whether its sudden surge is genuine or just a clever marketing ploy by a performance marketing agency. Join us as we peel back the layers of Lemon8 and take a closer look at the forces driving its rapid ascent.

ByteDance's Latest Offering: Lemon8's Meteoric Rise

Lemon8 first appeared on the scene in Japan back in 2020 before making its way to the U.S., U.K., and other countries. In a remarkably short time, it has climbed to the top spot in the Apple App Store’s free lifestyle apps category. According to, Lemon8’s rapid rise suggests a significant “acquisition push” by ByteDance, while some TikTok users, like Andrea Brumfield, can’t help but wonder if it’s all just a “conspiracy” amidst TikTok’s recent tussle with Congress.

Lemon8's Strategy: Partnering with Influencers

By targeting high-profile influencers with large followings on TikTok, ByteDance has managed to drive the #lemon8 hashtag to a staggering 2.4 billion views. In a well-executed content marketing strategy, influencers are being paid to post on Lemon8, provided they follow specific guidelines, such as making 10 posts per month with captions of at least 150 words and a carousel of three to 10 photos.

Getting to Know Lemon8: The App Interface and Content

Aesthetically, Lemon8 sets itself apart from TikTok with its Canva-like graphic design elements and a focus on interests such as beauty, fashion, food, travel, wellness, and pets. This emphasis on user interests and the ability to toggle between different feeds of creators and posts has attracted users seeking a more curated experience.

However, in terms of video content, Lemon8 seems to be playing it safe, with users mostly reposting their TikTok videos. As a result, content that goes viral on Lemon8 typically includes nail inspiration, outfit details, food recipes, and workout routines.

lemon8 screenshots

The Verdict: Is Lemon8's Success Genuine or Manufactured?

It’s difficult to deny the role that ByteDance’s growth marketing agency and performance marketing services have played in Lemon8’s sudden popularity. The strategic use of influencers, content marketing services, and targeted marketing efforts have undoubtedly contributed to its rapid ascent.

Nonetheless, with approximately 16 million downloads and 4.25 million active users in the United States, it’s clear that Lemon8 has struck a chord with a sizable audience looking for a new social media experience.

And while skepticism is understandable, Lemon8’s success story should be considered as a case study as numerous performance marketing blogs have been pointing out lately. The question however remains…is Lemon8 the new platform that’s able to maintain the momentum similar to it’s bigger sister of what social can do to empower brands?

Our Angle on Lemon8

Whether you see Lemon8 as a marketing genius or a hyped-up phenomenon, one thing is certain: ByteDance’s latest offering has made a splash in the social media world.

As the app gains traction, it will be interesting to see if Lemon8 can maintain its momentum and carve a lasting niche in the ever-changing social media landscape.

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